Photamate Green Screen Event Photo System

Point and shoot. Photamate handles your photo work flow so you can concentrate on what’s important; the guest experience. Photamate Pro automates the process of creating hot-selling photo products for event photographers, museums, exhibitions and attractions with amazing flexibility, speed and efficiency. Native tethering, automatic editing, bar code association, customer preview modes, lenticular, amusement effects, digital fulfillment and more.


Photamate Social Sharing Station

Social media is huge. If you’re not offering social sharing options to your event or attraction customers, your competitors will. Customers love sharing their photos. Your clients love the free viral marketing and brand awareness that social sharing provides. Use on any Windows touch screen computer or tablet for an instant customer-operated sharing station. Upload photos to Facebook, Twitter or email with an attractive, customizable interface.


Photamate Lite Green Screen Software

Don’t need all of the power of an event solution but still want to produce great green screen photos? Photamate Lite combines green screen keying with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Choose a default background and overlay set and swap out just the green screen source image for super-fast processing. Point to a hot folder for instant visual access to your source photos within a clickable thumbnail panel. Add text, apply a variety of filters, or choose from a variety of included backgrounds and overlays.


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