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Whether you run a large commercial photo concession or provide event photo services, Photamate Pro handles the heavy lifting for you with a work flow engine designed to automate several key editing and production tasks, enabling you to do more with less staffing requirements. We’ve combined that work flow with a variety of photo product options unmatched by any event photo solution on the market.



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<h3>Photamate Professional and Lite License Information</h3> The software may be installed on one production machine and one backup machine. Both machines cannot be used simultaneously. Each machine used in a production environment requires it's own active license. <br><br> Your license does not expire.<br><br> Minor updates to the same version number (example: 2.1) are free. Major updates are optional and fee-based. <h3>Photamate Social License Information</h3> The software may only be installed on the originally licensed machine. Each computer running the software requires it's own license.
<h1>Photamate Pro and Lite Trial Version</h1> The Photamate Professional trial allows you to evaluate the software for 14 days. The trial is 100% functional, however prints and saved images are watermarked. <h1>Photamate Social Trial Version</h1> All shared and printed images are watermarked.
<h3>System Requirements</h3> Windows XP, 7, or 8 (32 or 64-bit)<br> i3 or higher processor (or AMD equivalent)<br> 4 GB Memory<br> 500 MB free hard-drive space<br> <br><br> Please note that if you are processing photos in high volume and performance is important, purchase the fastest computer you can afford. While the minimum requirements will work without issue, remember that photo editing operations can be demanding on system resources. Lower-tier or power-saving CPU’s, such as those found in economy home systems and netbooks, are not the best choice.


Custom Design Your Work Flow. Capture, Edit & Print in Seconds



Step #1: Create A Customer Session

This is an optional step, typically used in locations where capture and viewing are in different areas. Most commercial locations are set up this way. We start by assigning a unique ID to the customer by manual entry or by scanning a bar code with an ordinary point-of-sale type scanner. All captured photos will now be saved to this container and associated with this unique ID. We repeat the process for every subsequent customer.

Step #2 : Capture A Photo

Position your subjects as desired and snap your photo. That’s it! You’re ready for the next customer. Photamate tethers natively with several Canon DSLR cameras. For stationary setups, this allows you to activate the shutter from the capture computer for extremely fast processing. Alternatively, you can use the hot folder import option with other camera brands or with a wireless solution such as the Eye-Fi. Either way, captured images open instantly, ready for editing.



Step #3 : Automatic or Manual Editing

In a high-traffic scenario where you need to process large numbers of people, Photamate can automate the entire editing process so that, quite literally, all you need to do is snap photos. Photamate handles the rest. Apply one or multiple background and overlay sets. Set positioning parameters to drop your subjects exactly where you want them within the canvas. Direct the output to any location, local or network. Our proprietary scripting engine allows you to design the workflow for your unique needs. Don’t need automation? Create up to 500 presets for amazingly fast selection and application of graphic templates.

Step #4 : Customer Viewing & Fulfillment

Within seconds after capturing your customer’s photo, the edited version will be available for customer preview and printing. How you fulfill is up to you. You can capture, edit and print all from a single laptop with a single operator, all with extreme efficiency. Or, for static photo ops such as a museum or attraction you can set up customer viewing stations using external displays. Using the customer’s photo ID, finding and displaying photos is easy. Optionally, you can set up customer-operated touch screen kiosks for sharing via Facebook, email or Twitter. Photamate is scalable and works with multiple capture and fulfillment stations. So whether your a small event operator providing party photo services or a large exhibition, Photamate will make your work flow a snap.



But I Have A Green Screen Program. Why Use Photamate?


At this point you may be saying to yourself, “this all looks great, but I have a green screen program. What sets Photamate apart from other solutions?” Remember that we designed Photamate specifically for events and attractions. The core of our platform is a fast, robust system for creating and organizing photos in high-traffic environments. But today’s customer is savvy and wants more. That’s why we include functions like lenticular 3D and flip, face swap with facial recognition and color matching, caricature tools, pop art, numerous filters including sepia and vignettes, and other special effects. You’ve seen these hot-selling products at amusement parks and attractions, and now you can produce them for your customers. What’s more you’ve got an arsenal of tools at your disposal for retouching. There is no other solution on the market that gives you more flexibility for your photo operation.

One Operator, One Laptop.

Can a single operator really handle a high-traffic event? While it’s always great to have an extra set of hands, it’s nice to know that one operator can successfully run your photo system. A tripod-mounted camera, laptop, green backdrop, printer and Photamate is all you need. Check out this video to to see how easy it is.

Check Out These Awesome Features…


  • Easy Capture

    Native tethering for several Canon models, hot folder import, Eye-Fi wireless and more.

  • Customer Preview

    Send photo previews to an external display at your sales and print stations or HDMI.

  • Green Screen

    Excellent green screen keying with presets, mask modes, a green restore tool and more

  • Automation

    Apply graphics automatically for every photo that drops into capture. Create up to 500 single template presets.

  • Photo Management

    Segregate photos into sessions that can be associated with barcode ID cards, even from multiple capture points.

  • Attraction Mode

    Attraction Mode creates a photo slideshow on a secondary display to command attention.

  • Lenticular 3D & Flip

    Create amazing 3D images and morphing flip photos using Photamate’s built-in lenticular functions.

  • Print Flexibility

    Print to any Windows printer including dye-sub photo printers. Create print layouts for custom canvas sizes. Supports print routing.

  • Amusement Effects

    Caricature, face swap with facial recognition and color matching, comic filters, pop-art effects, and more. Supports many Photoshop plugins.

  • Awesome Templates

    Themed backgrounds and overlays, fake magazine covers and movie posters, face swap, head-on-body….and more!

  • Scalable Architecture

    Supports multiple capture and preview/sales stations to meet the demands of high-volume operations.

  • Social Sharing

    Set up optional customer-operated Facebook, Twitter and Email sharing stations and promote your brand while providing a valuable service.




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