Compare Versions

Which Photamate version is right for you?

Deciding which version of Photamate is appropriate for your needs depends on where and how you plan to use it. Here are some general guidelines to help you decide. Photamate Pro is designed for high-volume photo operations such as events, exhibitions, museums, souvenir concessions and other types of attractions where speed and automation are key factors. Photamate Lite is designed for the casual user, photo hobbyist, or anyone who wants to produce great photo products, but does not need live processing or automation. Please see the chart below for feature comparison.

Feature Photamate Lite Photamate Pro
Green screen icon icon
Canon tethering icon icon
Hot folder import icon icon
Customer sessions icon icon
Work flow scripting engine icon icon
Barcode ID association icon icon
Attraction slideshow mode icon icon
Second display preview icon icon
Template presets icon icon
Automatic processing icon icon
Backup & restore icon icon
Lenticular 3D icon icon
Lenticular flip icon icon
Web store option icon icon
Email photos icon icon
Face swap icon icon
Caricature effects icon icon
Text tool icon icon
Networking support icon icon
Custom print layouts icon icon
Unlimited layers icon icon
Print routing icon icon